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You know your business best
as we know ours. We have specialized in the art and science of inspiring people to become more Health-Responsible.
Your people are smart, capable and caring…so why let barriers to better tools and information cost them their health and your organization your profits?
Participation is where the magic happens, people get healthier, happier and group costs go down. Just call us the ‘magicians’.

The Future Is Now

Man at Computer Surfing Direct Access EHealthWe have no time for inefficiencies and excessive costs. Our current health and economic trend demands we change now. Preventable chronic illnesses are leading countless numbers to suffer needlessly and we are all paying for our ignorance and lack of meaningful action. Preventable chronic illnesses are consuming more than 70% of our healthcare resources. We cannot afford to fund ignorance nor indiscretion any longer. With debts exceeding $30,000 per person in the U.S. now, and predictions of this escalating to 4-5 times this within 20 years, does anyone believe we can choose to “stay the same course”?

The Good News

The key to cost containment and motivating higher levels of personal health responsibility lies in giving people Direct Access to the assessment and education tools they need to do so. This eliminates unnecessary expense (huge savings are realized) and ensures that everyone gets directly informed as to their personal risk factors and their options for proactive, preventive actions. No one gets left in the dark. No one can plead ignorance…apathy perhaps, but not ignorance. With the right incentive mix, apathy can readily be overcome. With repeat assessments, progress or decline over time can readily and time- and cost-effectively be tracked by all. While personal privacy is ensured, group population data is aggregated to identify important trends and assist in identifying the more effective group-focused solutions and incentives required.

Direct Access

The LifeStrive® Health Package provides the access, insight and seamless support your workforce needs. Every employee receives their own Personal Health Portal at Secure web portals and simple orientations ensureeach member of your team engages the proactive lab and lifestyle assessments, real-time reporting and personal guidance required to make a real difference in their health trend and well-being. This includes access to LifeStrive’s uniquely comprehensive and affordable H.A.R.T. (Health And Risk Trend) panels. All lab results are reported directly to the individual, online, Proprietary interactive lab reporting ensures that each employee understands their results and what they can do to improve upon them. Personal, private calls are made directly to any employee who has critical lab findings and requires immediate medical attention.

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