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You know your business best
as we know ours. We have specialized in the art and science of inspiring people to become more Health-Responsible.
Your people are smart, capable and caring…so why let barriers to better tools and information cost them their health and your organization your profits?
Participation is where the magic happens, people get healthier, happier and group costs go down. Just call us the ‘magicians’.

Lifestrive™ Is...

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Featured Content: Being Health Responsible

LifeStrive® is the healthcare industry leader in Personal Risk Factor Monitoring, Personal Health Trend Tracking and online Health Coaching. 

We make it possible for every healthcare consumer to become more personally health-responsible and less dependent on the medical care system. Our customers are equipped with direct access to the lab tests and web-based assessment tools that enable them to learn about their unique health risks, track their actual health trend over time AND learn how tens of thousands of others are improving on similar health challenges and trends.

Making a Difference

LifeStrive’s extraordinary success is the direct result of its innovative use of web-based technology platforms, medical supervision and the knowledge gathered from large communities of healthcare consumers who truly want to get and stay well. With relentless attention to practical, health-promoting, disease preventing and cost saving steps, LifeStrive™ continues to be the partner of choice for a growing number of America’s most trusted and responsible companies who are seeking to solve for the looming health and medical cost crisis.

The LifeStrive Experience

LifeStrive® is as committed to playing its role in saving America from the real threat of national bankruptcy,  as we are to the personal and family health and well-being of our customers. If you wish to learn more and ensure you are playing your part in solving for the imminent medical expense crisis, please watch our featured content: Being Health-Responsible.

Whether your interests are purely personal or you wish to get solutions in place to cap and reverse the health and expense trends in your workplace, please contact us at 866 479 1380 or to learn more about how we may serve you and those who you care about.

Whatever health and wellness services you have in place now, LifeStrive™ can build on them and improve the results being achieved, and swiftly.

Feel free to visit our personal portal site: to learn more. You may also go directly to our Lab Services site and begin ordering the lab tests you desire with no hassles or inflated costs. We are proud to offer all direct lab services (with no doctor visit required) at direct to you pricing, with 100% confidential results reporting. Only you receive your results, complete with personal interpretation. You then decide who you choose to share them with.


LifeStrive Personal Health Package

The H.A.R.T. (Health and Risk Trend) lab test component is often the most thorough blood work people have ever had, and it comes complete with a personal report explaining the findings.  Results are confidential and only reported to you. This is a vital first step in Knowing Your Health Trend. Many are finding the LifeStrive Personal Health Package to exceed the value of executive health assessments they have had done.

The simple blood test alone could save your life and it costs nothing to participate – just assign your benefit when enrolling in Allstate Workplace Division with built-in wellness benefits

Click Here to Access Your Lab Requisition for Your Prepaid Comprehensive Wellness Profile