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Section Overview

  1. Healthcare Today

  2. Authenticity -
    The LifeStrive® Story

  3. Understanding the LifeStrive TrendShift® Difference

  4. LifeStrive Services and Solutions


LifeStrive® has a unique and much sought after value proposition, along with the systems to support it. We partner with our Clients to empower health response-ability and improve health, risk and expense trends. The following sections of this document will serve as a foundation for your understanding of our system.

I. Healthcare Reform Re-Design – Will You Lead It With Us?

It has never been more important for America to improve its health, medical expense and economic trends and it must do so in a sustainable way. All agree on the necessity for decisive action here and our nation’s top accountants give us a meager 20 years before we are consumed by debts that will take generations to re-pay. America already has $35 trillion dollars in unfunded liabilities for Medicare alone, equating to $400,000 per U.S. household and our medical expenses are doubling every seven years now. At the same time, personal bankruptcies have climbed to record levels with the majority being due to excessive medical expenses. Despite the seemingly endless confusion and controversy on who should do what to solve for the looming financial and medical crisis, there is a solution that all can participate in that holds great promise.

America’s health, medical expense and economic trends must be shifted, and fast. The key lies in shifting these trends in America’s workplace, homes and schools one employee and healthcare consumer at a time. Much of the Healthcare Reform debate has focused on changes to Payer/Insurance systems, and how to fund more medical care for those who have become ill and have not had the access to medical care that all agree is essential. We do not argue the need for such debate, yet we feel the most fundamental and readily implemented solutions have been largely over-looked.

Our TrendShift® America campaign focuses on what we refer to as Healthcare Re-Design. Healthcare Re-Design involves re-purposing a small percentage of Health Plan dollars from simply paying medical costs, after-the-fact (post diagnosis) to investing in proactive disease prevention. This is readily understood as “Avoiding the Avoidable”.

Instead of focusing on “how do we get more access to the same medical services we have been funding, and at escalating rates ”, we focus on “enabling global access to the essential services and systems that keep people healthy and avoid costly medical care in the first place.”

LifeStrive’s Health Promotion System accomplishes this in highly practical, affordable, ready-to-implement fashion.

II. Authenticity – The LifeStrive® Story

Marketing experts tell us that we purchase “authenticity” and “stories” more so than “products and services”. A brief review of our personal purchase decisions reveals just how true this is. Timing is also an important consideration. If we feel a sense of urgency, we are more likely to take action. The reality of our current medical and financial systems certainly creates a sense of urgency for those who have taken the time to learn how precarious and non-sustainable these systems are. If you have not done so, we urge you to spend an hour or two to get up to speed., Learn from today’s top economists and accountants, who have nothing to gain from steering you in any direction but that of the truth of our situation in America. View I.O.U.S.A. Solutions for a good start here.

LifeStrive’s health promotion system took root some 20 years ago. While not as obvious to most then, as it is today, a new genre of healthcare was needed. For those focused on health promotion and disease prevention, it was very evident that there were important gaps in conventional medical and legacy healthcare approaches. In spite of escalating costs, the healthcare system at large was incomplete and lacked the efficiencies and effectiveness to be sustainable. The trajectory of chronic disease trends and the limitations of the related healthcare practices were clear, and changes needed to be made.

Fast forward to today and we find that despite spending almost twice as much on healthcare per capita than other G20 nations, our system’s effectiveness is ranked a distant 37th by the World Health Organization. Further evidence of the urgent need for change is the fact that America has now committed to trillions in unfunded Medicare and Medicaid liabilities (currently exceeding $400,000 per U.S. household). American taxpayers and future generations cannot bear this burden. Who believes this situation is acceptable? Certainly not the more informed among us, who realize that a large percentage of this future debt can be avoided altogether. The key to this lies in understanding that 75 cents of every healthcare dollar goes to managing chronic illnesses, and the majority of these illness are preventable. Put simply, it’s time to focus on healthcare investments that enable us to prevent the preventable and avoid those costs that are avoidable.

In direct response to the need for a more progressive approach to healthcare reform LifeStrive® has developed health and risk trend tracking and health promotion systems that enable the fundamental innovations required. Innovations that improve medical care access and efficiency, measure health trends, predict critical illness before it develops and prevent it where possible. LifeStrive® systems improve access, awareness and care. This leads to the improvements in health and medical expense trends required to ensure Health Plan Sustainability.
LifeStrive® systems are founded on three decades of research into what has authentic value in the healthcare marketplace. Our focus has been on what really works with respect to shifting health and risk trends favorably. And, of what works, what is most practical and cost effective.
Our world is a uniquely busy one. We are experiencing a time where there is more competition for our time, attention and financial resources than ever before. LifeStrive’s greatest challenge is to simply get enough of your time and attention to be able to share the unique benefits of our system. We recognize that for most of you, we are best to do so incrementally, in segments that require less of your time, at least initially. In light of this, we respectfully request that you take just three minutes, at this time, click the link and Take Our 3 Minute Tour. This will serve as a good ‘quick start’ toward your understanding some of our system’s core benefits.

The best of intentions, even when backed by well-conceived plans, without consistent action on them, have little value. In our ever-busier western world, with more competition for time and attention than ever before in human history, you must have a powerful and compelling story and service to garner engagement. Our three decades of direct experience, observation and study have served us uniquely well when it comes to understanding what it takes to earn the interest and engagement of Employers and Employees. No single factor is more important than Authenticity. Authenticity must be felt from the initial orientation and throughout engagement in all services provided. The right authentic story, at the right time, backed by the right products and services, create a compelling combination.

We are confident upon review of our story, products and services, you and your employees will feel our authenticity and see the opportunity in participating with us. Our LifeStrive® Health Promotion System, supported by our TrendShift® Rewards program can achieve the high results required to bend your groups health risk and expense trends in the direction you desire. Acting together, we can make a real difference in your company’s future, in America’s future and the future of generations to come.

LifeStrive® empowers your employees with the affordable tools, resources and support to access the medical care they need while they become much more aware of their key health trends and the personal actions that influence their trends. We are deeply committed and uniquely prepared to enhance individual and collective health response-ability and empower all who are willing, to shift their health and economic trend in meaningful ways - ways not previously available.


For many decades now the primary focus of conventional healthcare has been “what skilled health professionals can do for you and to you”, or what we refer to at LifeStrive® as “outside-in” healthcare. Equipped with a rapidly expanding array of pharmaceutical and surgical interventions, there is no argument that results for many individuals are often impressive. The down side of our healthcare systems preoccupation with “outside-in” treatment has been that our society has become overly, and unrealistically, dependent on it. Many have come to expect miracles of it that it has not and cannot deliver. Some legacy healthcare practices have also evolved inefficiencies and approaches that impede access, fragment data and communication and inflate costs.

In short, the way “outside-in” care has evolved is not sustainable. LifeStrive® shifts how vital aspects of healthcare are delivered. These shifts result in immediate savings (for both consumer and third party payers). They also serve to capture the health and lifestyle data that both individual and group need to understand and take action to improve key risk trends. This enables preventive action to be taken, before associated illnesses and costs escalate.

The essential nature of the LifeStrive® system is better understood with the knowledge that most of the chronic diseases consuming our healthcare and financial resources are actually preventable. The keys to preventing them are having the systems in place to enable the collection and analysis of individuals’ health or biomarker data. This vital data reveals trends as early as possible and enables preventive action to be taken. Being able to alert an individual to where they are at risk captures their attention like little else. In these “teachable moments”, we have their attention and can guide them to the diet and lifestyle habits, and therapeutic interventions that favorably shift their health- and risk-trends. LifeStrive’s TrendShift® Rewards program then ensures the majority take action on their new awareness and insights. The results produced create a progressive shift in the culture in your workplace, one of health response-ability. Risk levels improve, claims are reduced, costs are contained and everyone who has played a role in this socially and morally responsible initiative, knows they have made an important difference.

With such a high percentage of our healthcare costs going to the management of chronic diseases that could have been prevented, the path to reducing healthcare costs going forward could not be more clear. We must place more emphasis on systems that enable individuals to both track their personal health trends and take action. At the same time, Employers must have incentives in place that inspire people to reach out to co-workers and support their health and well-being. The research is clear, it’s collective, collaborative action that produces the major shift Employers seek with respect to bending their healthcare risk and expense trends. This is an area where LifeStrive® excels.

LifeStrive’s TrendShift® Rewards program has no equal. The proprietary nature precludes our sharing the details of what differentiates it with you here, in this public document, but we would be happy to speak directly with you about it. Let it suffice here to share that health promotion and reward systems must be convenient and accessible to all. They must be as user-friendly and cost effective as is possible. They must inspire, educate and support like no system to-date has. They must in effect “de-medicalize” aspects of Healthcare, empowering individuals, families, workplace and community alike to become more “health response-able”.

De-Medicalize and De-Mystify Healthcare: To shift the primary responsibility for an individual’s state of health, where disease is not being treated medically, from their doctor and medical team, to the individual, their family, workplace and non-medical community. The intention being to empower the health response-ability that real prevention requires and to free up essential medical and financial resources for both medical emergencies and ever better care for those who become ill despite the best efforts of all.

Health Response-Ability: To empower individuals to be able to respond to their day-to-day challenges in ways that support their health and happiness, while minimizing their risk to illness.

Given that most of our medical expenses today are for after-the-fact management of chronic illnesses, that at one point in time could have been prevented, our primary objective at LifeStrive® is clear: Prevent the preventable and thereby curtail the epidemic of chronic and preventable disease in America and by doing so, favorably shift medical expense trends. We refer to this goal internally as our “More People Less Sick” initiative.

Tragically (and at extraordinary cost to all), most people diagnosed today with a chronic, critical or degenerative disease process are shocked and surprised by that diagnosis.
The average person diagnosed has had no idea that they were progressively trending toward serious illness for years and often a decade or more, preceding the diagnosis. With the right health assessment and trend tracking system in place, we can predict, prevent and mitigate the vast majority of these diagnoses and associated costs.

To accomplish our goals we needed to have systems in place that enable, empower and reward individuals to time and cost effectively:

  • understand their current health and risk trends;
  • understand what matters most with respect to favorably influencing their personal trend;
  • take responsibility for engaging the health, lifestyle and therapeutic interventions indicated;
  • take responsibility for monitoring their response, to the changes they make, over time;
  • share with others what they learn about their ability to favorably influence their health, inspiring others to do similarly;
  • access medical consultation and expertise promptly and conveniently, when indicated;
  • access and facilitate access to their medical records swiftly 24-7-365 w/o added cost;
  • make this process of progressive health response-ability one that is enjoyable, invigorating and deeply satisfying.

Our awareness of these “essential services” along with the fact that no system existed that could accommodate these needs, in a seamless and appropriately integrated and user-friendly way, led us to develop our proprietary LifeStrive® Health Promotion System.

The initial goal of our TrendShift® America campaign is to ensure people learn of, and have the opportunity to participate in, our health promotion system. LifeStrive’s unique personal health portals provide remarkably well for each of the aforementioned personal and community needs.

III. Understanding the LifeStrive TrendShift® Difference

To understand our TrendShift® system and what sets it apart from the plethora of “wellness” offers available to-date; we will speak directly to what matters most to each of us regarding our health and finances, the results produced. As we have witnessed, most politicians, employers, and members of the public, are preoccupied in the heated discourse around “what’s the best solution to our healthcare and economic woes.” At the same time, health industry vendors are jockeying to position their approaches and applications as “industry best”. At the end of the day, all that truly matters are the results any approach actually produces.

So let’s take a minute to overview what results likely matter most to you and those around you (your family, co-workers, business, faith and social networks, and country).

Results our system supports, that really matter to most:

  • A tangible return on your investment of time, energy and money on any new “To Do” you get pitched on;
  • Your health, your performance, productivity, your peace of mind, your risk to illness and your prosperity;
  • Your family’s: health, performance, productivity, peace of mind, risk to illness and prosperity;
  • Your social network/communities: health, performance, productivity, peace of mind, risk to illness and prosperity;
  • Your co-workers’/workforces’: health, performance, productivity, peace of mind, risk to illness and prosperity;
  • Your company’s: workplace environment and culture, economic stability and sustainability, ability to prosper and contribute positively to our economy and country, even in very challenging times (Employers need employees to step up and become increasingly health response-able. Failing to do so markedly inhibits any company’s chances of success and even survival);
  • Our collective legacy: what the result/net impact of our work years will be on our children and future generations, beyond the $200,000 per person in unfunded healthcare liabilities that we have incurred for them presently. (Refer to for real time updates on our national debt crisis.)

Do you care deeply about these results? Our team at LifeStrive® certainly does. Our solutions directly support these outcomes in important new ways. Please consider that it is not what solutions or systems Can Do that matters most, it is what those who have access to them Will Do and the Results They Will Produce in doing so.

LifeStrive’s leadership and medical team have spent decades investigating and learning about what works with respect to improving health, lowering risk to serious illness and improving outcomes for those who are ill. Despite our medical teams’ depth and breadth of training and experience in both conventional and alternative medicine, we identified a much shorter list of “outside-in fixes” than we would have thought and preferred. In fact, unless patients made considerable improvements in their day-to-day lifestyle choices, most medications and even surgeries were limited in their ability to get sick people well again. Fortunately, our experience has led us to powerful insights into what lifestyle changes can predictably lower an individual’s risk to illness. There’s more good news – these same changes can significantly improve the health outcomes and associated costs of care for those who have already developed serious illness. As importantly, we are able to support all in readily tracking their improvements and progressively building on them.

It has been clear for many years now that an individual’s attitudes and daily habits are the principle game changers with respect to shifting an individual’s health and future risk to disease. It has only been in the last couple of years however, that those overseeing our healthcare system have no longer questioned this fact. While governments and healthcare institutions now agree on the primary role of people’s day-to-day habits in their health trends and risk to disease, the vast majority are poorly equipped to do much about this “foundation of our health”.

We are in a very different position at LifeStrive® due to decades of direct experience, research and development. We understand how to effectively influence what individuals will do to shift their daily habits and associated risks, and what results can be expected when they do. Let us put you, your workforce and your respective families at the forefront of a new and vitally important type of Healthcare.

Let us empower your health response-ability. Embrace your role in empowering your workforce to shift individual and collective health and risk trends in ways that bend and can even reverse your healthcare expense trend. Join us in doing our best to leave our children and future generations a legacy of health and prosperity.

IV.  LifeStrive Services and Solutions

For details about the health promotion service bundles available from LifeStrive, contact LifeStrive Client Services at 866-479-1380, ext. 7 or email

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