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You know your business best
as we know ours. We have specialized in the art and science of inspiring people to become more Health-Responsible.
Your people are smart, capable and caring…so why let barriers to better tools and information cost them their health and your organization your profits?
Participation is where the magic happens, people get healthier, happier and group costs go down. Just call us the ‘magicians’.

Participation “Magic”

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What is your response to our sharing that we can ensure you achieve participation rates of >90% in our LifeStrive™ Health Promotion System? Please believe us when we share that we not only understand your skepticism, we expect it. Just hear us out though.

All who have run the “workplace wellness” experiment know all too well that without the participation of those who need it most, the best of intentions and efforts fall way short. R.O.I. becomes a distant promise.

Missing Link

The missing link has been being able to offer a health package that appeals to the majority of your workplace team, with the right incentives in place to see that they take the first step. With that understood, you may begin to see how important it is to have the first step that we do.                             

Step 1: Is a 100% CONFIDENTIAL lab test, that is more comprehensive than they have ever had, and comes with their web-enabled PERSONAL LAB REPORT, that ensures a level of understanding that few have ever had access to for lab testing, even through Executive Health Packages. They receive an email which links them to their online Lab Requisition, use our Lab Locator to find the lab closest to them (5000+ across U.S.) and away they go, with no need to consult their doctor or add any time or expense to the essential process of learning more about their unique biochemistry and risk factors. Once your results are received and reviewed, you may print them and take them to your doctor or simply use our LifeStriveMD telemedicine service to call one of our board certified physicians to discuss your results and any health concerns directly and in complete privacy.

A quick consult between your team leaders and ours swiftly leads to additional incentives which can drive participation up to near 100%.

Click Here to Access Your Lab Requisition for Your Prepaid Comprehensive Wellness Profile